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[Gyeonggi-do] Icheon Termeden Hot Spring Spa Discount Ticket

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  • 1. It is the one and only Spa resort, where people can swim and enjoy hot spring at once
  • 2. You can enjoy the hot springs while watching the forest surrounding the outdoor spa
  • 3. With various bade pools, you can receive an underwater massage at your preferred body parts
  • 4. Dr. Fish, natural treatment of atopic dermatitis, service can be used for free
  • 5. Various health-caring facilities, such as dry and wet sauna rooms that enhance discharging waste material inside the body and skin elastic

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AKI*IRO from Japan
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
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Option and Inclusions

Low Season (Sep~Nov)
₩ 46,000
₩ 37,000


₩ 46,000 ₩ 37,000 (20% OFF)

Option details

Use of Pool Spa facilities
Use of Sauna Spa
Sauna Towels

[Not Included]
Sun Bed, Pool Bed, Cabana and other facilities
Beach Towel (Rental : 5,000 won / Deposit : 5,000 won
Life Vest (Rental : 5,000 won / Deposit : 5,000 won
Swim Suit

Adult & Child - Same Price
Free Entry : Under 36 Months (Password required)
[Jul~Aug] Termeden Admission Ticket + Jjimjil Cloth
₩ 62,000
₩ 42,000


₩ 62,000 ₩ 42,000 (32% OFF)

Option details

[Not Included]
Sun Bed, Pool Bed, Cabana and other facilities
Beach Towel (Rental : 5,000 won / Deposit : 5,000 won
Life Vest (Rental : 5,000 won / Deposit : 5,000 won
Swim Suit

[Price Information]
Adults: Aged 14 or above
Youth: 36 months ~ 13 years old (Year 2019 basis: Those born in or after 2007)
Free : Age under 36 months (Passport Required)


Why don't you enjoy a cold Winter at an outdoor spa not far from Seoul? You can relax and enjoy healing time since all facilities, for people of all ages, are prepared from the outdoor spa, indoor bath, hot spring sauna, conveniences, etc. Meet the various facilities and functions of bade pool and hot spring!

Termeden is Korea's first German-style spa resort, where you can swim and enjoy hot springs at once. Asia's largest circular bade pool is equipped with over 10 kinds of treatment and massage facilities that you can relax and earn beauty and health at the same time. Infant pool, child pool, and themed event pool are prepared in indoor bade pool as well as the sauna places and place where you can enjoy tanning with artificial ultraviolet light in all seasons. 


• Bade pool is a water treatment pool using water from hot springs that were newly developed for prevention, recuperation, and enhancement of health care.


• Take a look at the snow scenery in an outdoor spa and get an underwater massage on the various bade pools


• Infinity Pool Zone, the respresenative area at Termeden is a place where you can observe the scenery in one sight. 


•  The first dynamic ball introduced in Korea, the safe wave pool is the most popular attraction for children!


• Cave baths, Couple baths, and mountain slides surrounded by artificial waterfall provides fun and a great view of nature in the forest.


• No need to worry about fun! Swimsuit store, nursing room, rental shop, first-aid, cafeteria, aqua bar and other facilities are provided to add on more fun!


• Free access to Dr. Fish, the Atopy natural treatment, makes it an all-purpose spa that families of Atopic children visit frequently.


• For those who are tired after playing, relax while having a cup of coffee at the lobby garden!


• Sweat out the waste from the indoor sauna!


• Facilities such as "Family Room" an indoor area where you can lay down in a warm room, "Garden Community" where you can seat down and relax, "Massage Experience Room" where you can seat on the massage chair and relieve your body's fatigue and "Kids Library" a place for the kids to run around and enjoy!  



Operating Hours 

Weekdays (Sunday ~ Thursday): 09:00 ~ 20:00 (Last Entry 18:00)

Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Holidays): 09:00 ~ 22:00 (Last Entry 20:00)

Indoor Bade Pool: Closes 1 hour before

Outdoor Bade Pool: Closes 1 hour and 30 minutes before

How to use

1. Purchase the desired product and Check mobile voucher or email voucher.

2. Present the voucher at the ticket counter to redeem an actual ticket, then enter.

3. Enter through the Second Floor Gate, present your ticket to receive the Jjimjil Clothes.

4. Put your shoes in the same number locker (shoe locker) as shown on your ticket, then with the KEY head to the change room located on level 1 then use the same locker (for belongings) as the number on the KEY.

5. Make the payment spent at the restaurants or other facilities at the second floor before leaving.

How to go

1. By subway 

• Take Gyeonggang Line at "Pangyo Station" → Get off at Exit 1 of Icheon Station → Take free shuttle bus or 26-1 bus from the bus stop at Exit 1 (Get off at "Terumi" in case you took 26-1 bus) 

2. By Express bus

• Seoul East Seoul Express Bus Terminal → Take Icheon express bus → Take the free shuttle from a bus station next to SC Standard Chatard Bank across from Icheon Bus Terminal

3. Free Shuttle Bus Stop

 Icheon Station Shuttle Bus Stop : Bus Stop located on EXIT 1 

  Express Bus Terminal Shuttle Bus Station : Opposite side of the Terminal , In front of SC Standard Chatard Bank (Please cross the street diagonally at the Express Bus Terminal Intersection)


1. Opening and closing times may vary depending on the weather and operating conditions.

2. Termeden cleans the large pools every day. The pool cleaning begins 1 hour before the closing time and the inside pool 30 minutes before the closing time.

3. Infants under 36 months is free of charge (Passport required). Must wear waterproof diapers when entered. (Waterproof diapers can be purchased on 3rd floor at 3,000won)

4. When maximum number of people reached, you may be restricted to enter for safety reasons. 

5. No food will be allowed to be brought. If any food are brought in you will have to keep it at the food locker prepared. You may take it with you when leaving. However, baby food or patient food will be allowed after checking. 

6. Items such as mats, strollers, large tubes and flippers will be allowed to be used. 

7. You must wear swimsuits at the indoor and outdoor pools. Caps may be allowed to be worn instead of swim caps.

8. Child under the height 1.4m must wear safety vest!

9. "Indoor bade pool" and "outdoor bade pool" can be used by both men and women on swimsuits. When taking showers or sauna, please go separate from men and women.

10. Boy over the age of 5 cannot enter women's bathhouse.

11. Termeden facility uses ONE-KEY system, that can be  used without cash, that you can use it for both shoe chests and lockers. Payment for the services used inside the facility must be paid when leaving. Charge of 10,000 won if the key is lost. Please make sure not to lose the key. 

12.  Indoor bade pool is always operated except in case of strong winds or lightning.

Guide Language

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984, Sasil-ro, Moga-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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Recent reviews (4)

AKI*IRO from Japan
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
Kwok*****ting from Hong Kong
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
There is one big indoor swimming pool, and a few more outdoor, as well as spa pools(?) with warm water, which I like the most, especially in this cold weather. It is a little bit difficult to find the shuttle bus as there wasn't any bus stop sign, although we successfully got on the shuttle bus.
Chu ***** Lui from Hong Kong
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
差不多時隔兩年再次造訪,內部裝潢變得很華麗,而且很喜歡裡面有個躺著看海景的休息空間~ 露天溫泉暖烘烘的,最適合冬天來的顧客
Kim ****youn from United States
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
It was my first time visiting there with my girlfriend, and we are both stunned by the large-scaled spa and the variety of the facilities. I especially like the infinity pool, though the view is not as beautiful as expected, it will be better to come at night for the bar snacks and drinks next to the pool.
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[Gyeonggi-do] Icheon Termeden Hot Spring Spa Discount Ticket

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