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Wi-Fi Take Out (WideMobile)

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  • 1. You can use 4G LTE data anywhere in Korea without restriction
  • 2. Fast speed of data is available in 5 devices at the same time at a low price
  • 3. You can download things at a maximum speed of 100 kbps
  • 4. Once fully charged, you can use it for up to 9 hours
  • 5. If you rent it for more than 5 days, you can enjoy it at a discounted price
  • 6. As the event of Seoul Pass Renewal, the price is reduced from 3,800 KRW/day to 3,000 KRW/day!


Wi-Fi Take Out Rental
₩ 5,000
₩ 3,000


₩ 5,000 ₩ 3,000 (40% OFF)


Enjoy Wi-Fi Take out from anywhere with 99% LTE coverage. Wi-Fi Take Out is a router terminal that allows travelers with family, friends, or lovers to use the internet throughout the trip with only one device.



Wi-Fi Take Out

Wi-Fi Take Out is a router terminal, a device that changes LTE signal of a carrier to Wi-Fi signal and allows you to freely use the Internet while traveling in Korea with mobile, tablet, and laptop. 

• Fast speed of data is available in 5 devices at the same time at a low price.

• Recommended when traveling with friends.

• Fast charge and longtime availability.



Device Information

• Device Name: (LG U+) mobileeco ME-Y30K

• Data: Unlimited (4G LTE is offered up to 1GB per day. If you use more than 1GB per day, you can use it all day at speeds below 400 kbps.) (Reset at midnight in Korean time)

• Accessories: Pouch, Manual (English / Chinese / Japanese), Charger

• Maximum Usage Time: (In 100% full charge status) About 9 hours 

• Can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously

Operating hours

Everyday: 24h


Varies in venue to venue

How to use

1. Make a reservation on WideMobile and check voucher sent to you via email.

2. Please arrive 5 minutes before the reservation time on the day of the reservation.

3. Present your passport, credit card, and voucher at the pick-up venue.

4. Make on-site payment and complete pick-up.

Pick-up Venue

1-1. Incheon International Airport (1st floor in the Passenger Terminal 1)

• Venue: Exit No. 7, 1st floor, Incheon International Airport (Passenger Terminal 1)

• Operating hours: 24 hours / All Year Round

1-2. Incheon International Airport (3rd floor in the Passenger Terminal 1)

• Venue: 3rd floor, left of Gate 5 WIDEMOBILE Global Roaming Center

• Operating hours: 04:00 ~ 22:00

2. Incheon International Airport (Passenger Terminal 2)

• Venue: Exit No. 1, 1st floor, Incheon International Airport (Passenger Terminal 2)

• Operating hours: 24 hours / All Year Round

3. Gimpo International Airport

• Venue: Departure Hall (3rd floor) in the Gimpo International Terminal (Opposite side of Seven Eleven)

• Operating hours: 06:00 ~ 21:00


1. Reservation application and settlement are credit card only.

2. Discount will be given from 6th day of rental.

• Standard (5-day rental): 3,800 KRW per 1 day

• From 6th day: 2,250 KRW per 1 day

• ex. 7-day rental: 3,800 KRW x 5 + 2,250 KRW x 2 = 23,500 KRW

2. In the event of loss of a device or damage done during the term of rental, WideMobile will be charging additional fees in the future. 

3. Deposit of 100,000 KRW per 1 device will be charged. (Credit card only)

4. Before making an on-site purchase, you can cancel the reservation.

Refund Policy

All times are based on Korea Standard Time (KST)

• Before making on-site purchase: 100% refund

• After making on-site purchase: No refund

• Change of reservation: Available up to 3 days in advance (by 17:00 KST)


Q. Will a device be fully charged?

A. Yes. WideMobile always charges a device before they hand it out.

Q. If my mobile phone is in 3G network, can I still use the Wi-Fi?

A. 4G smartphone, 3G smartphone, laptop, tablet pc, and etc. It does work with any Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Q. What should I do if I need to extend the returning date?

A. Just give us a call at 1566-9070 (Open all year round) and let us know how much longer you need the device for. Standard daily rental rates will apply, but there is no extra charge for extending your rental period. Please note that if you don't return the device without notice the security deposit of 200,000 won automatically charged as of missing.


• Targets: Special discounts ONLY in SEOUL PASS!

• Period: Seoul Pass customers who pick up between Apr 8th and Jun 30th 

• Event Benefits:  Free giveaway of a supplementary battery; no deposit (200,000KRW is required to pay if the wifi is lost, damaged or not returned)


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Wi-Fi Take Out (WideMobile)

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