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[Seoul] Only one day - 7th of October! Seoul Pass Korea Travel Gift Card 10,000won + Free KPOP Concert

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Available from 2022-09-30
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  • 1. Enjoy both gift card that can be used as cash from the Seoul Pass website and special K-POP Concert!
  • 2. Purchase the preferred Korean travel products online with ease!
  • 3. Enjoy the Korean culture festivel held in Gwanghwamun and Jamsil area!
  • 4. Included free admssion ticket of K-POP Concert which is held in Jamsil on the 7th of October!

Option and Inclusions

Gift Card 10,000won + KPOP Concert
₩ 10,000

Date & Time


₩ 10,000

Option details

Seoul Pass 10,000 won gift card (Provide it on the 7th of October)
Free ticket for KPOP Concert on the 7th of October(1F Random Seat)

[Not Included]
Everything excpedt included option


The 2022 Korean Culture Festival is a global representative Korean wave festival that connects Korean culture and the world. Fans from all over the world will participate in various events introducing various Korean cultures, including K-pop, food, beauty, and fashion, providing a place to become together with artists. 

Please refer to the link of Homepage of detailed information of K-Culture Festival. Link


Show you the amazing and fancy Gift Card below! 



[Gift Card 10,000won + KPOP Concert]

Gift card that can be used as cash from the website! This is a gift card product that allows you to purchase Korean travel products online.

Please refer to the detailed information by below link.

-> [Gift Card] Korea Travel Gift Card 10,000 won




Only one day - 7th of October! K-POP concert, the closing performance of the Korean Culture Festival, which is held free at Jamsil SportsOlympic Main Stadium.

-Name of Performance : 2022 K-Culture Festival <(THE-K Concert)>

-Date : On the 7th of October 2022 (Friday) 19:00-21:30

-Venue : Seoul Olympic Main Stadium (25, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea)

-Operated by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Toursim / Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange 

-Line Up : NCT DREAM, STAYC, XG, Weeekly and many more  

※ Please note that Line-up might be changed due to venue's circumstance. 

Please refer to the link regarding the detailed information of performance. Link




15:00~17:00 Redeem a ticket (Please note that after 5PM, it is not possible to redeem a ticket)

17:00~19:00 Enter the venue (You will be seat on another seat

(Admission after 19:00 may be different from the reserved seat)

19:00~ Approx 20:30 Enjoy the performance

Notice of redeem a ticket on the 7th of October

Date of redeem a Concert ticket : On the 7th of October (Friday)

Available time to redeem a ticket : 15:00~17:00

Things that you will need : Voucehr and ID Card(Available to bring the copy of passport)

Booth Location

Hodori square in front of Seoul Olympic Main Stadium : Get off the exit no. 6 or 7 Subway Line no. 2 Sports Complex Station and walk straight about 300m 

※ Please note that redeem booth will be croweded due to the very date of reservation and redeem will be proceed first-come-first-served. 

[Entrance Information]

Entrance time: 2 Hours in advance from performance time (5PM)
Exit : 1F~3F Guest (There is a gate for each floor)

How to use

[Gift Card]

1. Check the email voucher after reserve this product. 
2. Receive it as you redeem the ticket on the 7th of October.
3. Check the registration code by scratching the back of the gift card.
4. Login to Seoul Pass and go to "credit" from My Page then click the red box with "Gift Card".
5. Switch to credit.
6. Check the charged credit and purchase the travel activity of your choice.


1. Check the email voucher after reserve this tour. 

2. Arrive on time at the ticket booth on the 7th of October.

3. Cross check the purchased voucher and passport withthe staff and redeem a ticket. Enjoy the expedrience! 


[Notice of Gift Card]

1. Be careful not to damage when scratching.

2. The gift card will be unavailable if the code is not recognized due to the damage. A refund in this case is not permitted. 

3. The amount of the gift card converted into a credit cannot be refunded.

4. Transferring the amount to another account after switching to credit will not be allowed.

5. Please make sure to check the validity period of your gift card. (Valid for 5 years from the date of issue)


1. This ticket is only for foreginers. Korean passport holders can not be purchased.

2. Please must bring the passport (Also available copy of passport) of all reservations for ticket redeem.
※ If you cannot present your passport or copy of passport on the date, you cannot enter the venue. In this case, a refund is not possible.
3. On the date of the tour, if a Korean customer is confirmed to participate, Korean customer cannot enter the venue.
4. For those who are under the age of 14 must be accompanied by their guardian.
5. Seats are on the first floor. You can notice the details of the seats on the very date of the event.
6. If you lose your ticket, reissue is not available.
7. Seats may fall even if more than 2 pax make a reservation (It operates on a first-come, first-served basis.)
8. Please inquire to the staff on-site after concert starts.
9. Due to the circumstance of this concert hall, there is a slight distance between the entrance gate and the seat, so please arrive the entrance 30 minutes before the start of the concert for a smooth performance.
10. Beverages and food except for bottled water with a lid are not allowed. Dangerous substances such as bottles, firecrackers, lasers, pets, bouquets, balloons, and LED flashing sticks may be restricted.
11. All copyright infringement activities such as taking photos and videos in all forms, recording and voice live streaming) are strongly prohibited during the performance. If you get busted, the filmed and recorded data will be deleted and may be kick out from the concert.
12. Devices that can be filmed and recorded except for mobile phones are absolutely not allowed in the concert hall.
13. This performance does not have a locker, so please be careful to keep your belongings in the concert hall.
14. We would like to inform you that the host/host of the performance, the venue, and the artist are not responsible for any loss such as device failure, incident, or accident that occurred inside/out of the concert hall.
15. We ask for your kind cooperation to enjoy the performance.
16. Please note that ticket booth is operating until 5PM, so if you arrive after 5PM, you must contact the contact information below in advance.  (It might be difficult to receive a ticket if you do not contact and it will be regards as a NO-SHOW)
H.P: +82 10 9418 2017

※ If there are any changes related to the use of the product or the exchange of concert tickets, we will notify you via your e-mail. Please check the mail carefully.

Refund Policy

- After purchase, refund is not possible.

Seat Information

1.  Seoul Olympic Main Stadium 1F section: Seat will be assinged randomly and please note that you can not change the seat to preferred seat. 

2. Please note that you cannot be moved to another seat other than your designated seat.

- Assigned Section

1F: 13,14,15,16,19,20,21,22 Section 11-14 row

1F: 17,18 Section 10-14 row

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Seoul Olympic Main Stadium 25, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
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[Seoul] Only one day - 7th of October! Seoul Pass Korea Travel Gift Card 10,000won + Free KPOP Concert

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