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[Insadong] HARIBO Goldbaren 100th Anniversary Birthday ticket

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  • 1. Exhibition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the world-famous HARIBO jelly.
  • 2. Celebrate HARIBO's mega-hit product, bear-shaped gold baren's birthday!
  • 3. You can meet the world's first HARIBO media exhibition in Korea.
  • 4. Freely visit Insadong, a famous street in Korea after the exhibition end.

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HARIBO 100th Anniversary exhibition ticket
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₩ 20,000
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- Adult: Over 19 yrs old
- Child/Youth: Over 36 months ~ 18 yrs old
- Free: Infants under 36 months


HARIBO is the world's most popular and most powerful jelly brand!
The brand's mega hit product is the bear-shaped 'Gold Baren.'
Goldbaren debuted as a dancing bear in 1922 and celebrated its 100th anniversary!
The exhibition is the world's first media exhibition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the special bear-shaped jelly, Goldbaren.




#1. Welcome to the HARIBO World

Welcome to the HARIBO World!
The start of a fantastic journey to HARIBO World!
Golden Beren, celebrating its 100th anniversary, invites you to join Haribo's sweet and sour story!


- See the history of changing the HARIBO LOGO since it was born!




The first place to arrive after receiving Goldbaren's invitation is the room of "Hariborian (For those who much love the HARIBO)."
What will happen in this room filled with various HARIBO goods?
The scenery of HARIBO World out of the window and the suspicious wardrobe stimulate your curiosity.

- You can see various Haribo retro goods such as retro tin cases, posters, and figures!



#3. Wild Jelly Safe Zone

Fantasy space made up of colorful animal and plant jelly, which is called a wild jelly-safe zone!
The life tree where the jelly is born, the stream with soft stone legs, and the bushes full of plant jelly!
Full of cute imagination reminds your childhood memories and immerse yourself!

- Look for jelly plants all over the wild jelly reserve. Various jellies gathered together and were born as new plant jellies!


#4. Hans Riegel Library

Hans Riegel Library = HARIBO
A library named after Hans Rigel, founder of Haribo, Germany!
From the birth of the jelly brand Haribo to the 100th anniversary, learn about the interesting history through Haribo's archives and goods.
There are stories hidden everywhere that we didn't know.

- Meet the Haribo brand's founder Hans Rigel's family's story and a collection containing Haribo's custom goods!



#5. Wonderful Carnival

Happy 100th Birthday Goldbaren!
A festival was held in Haribo World to celebrate Goldberen's birthday.
You can also take pictures in front of a giant merry-go-round at the carnival as if you were in an old Haribo package, and enjoy exciting games to see a surprise 100th-anniversary birthday cake.


- Experience entering the Haribo package with motion recognition sensors and enjoy various touch games!



#6. Mega Party Station

Haribo's fancy gift set, Mega Party Station!
There are 'huge' media videos that fill the 'huge' space.
You can see Haribo's Star Mix Jelly-themed "Star Mix" stage and colorful Haribo Factory stage,
and finally, a soft jelly party to celebrate Goldbaren's 100th birthday!
With their own customized Goldbaren Avatar, you can enjoy all these stages more funnier!


- It's twice as fun if you participate in the game with your own customized gold baren!



#7. Goldbaren Collection

Artist collaboration section consisting of works inspired by Haribo Goldberen!
Meet the special artwork that Korean trendy contemporary artists, including Kang Joon-young, Kim Byung-kwan, Novo, Lee Eun-sook, and Lee Sang-won, have worked to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Haribo Goldberen!




HARIBO Store in Seoul! 
HARIBO Store made a special landing to mark Goldberen's centennial birthday exhibition.
Save the sweet moments with Haribo today with limited edition Haribo goods that can only be purchased in this store.


- Meet various Haribo custom goods that contain memories of the exhibition hall, including Haribo headquarters direct import goods, officially licensed clothing, and exhibition limited goods!



Operating Period

On the 13th of October 2022 ~ On the 15th of August 2023



Operating Hour

10:00~20:00 / Last Entrance 19:00



HARIBO World App with various functions!

HARIBO World unfolds from the moment you download the app!

From pre-event and AR filter cameras where you can meet Goldberen in advance, to various AR contents and character experiences during the exhibition.

Enjoy the exhibition with this special app!

01. Pre-event : Participate in the pre-event where you can experience HARIBO jelly at convenience stores, marts, and many more!

02. AR Filter Camera: Take a picture with a filter camera made with the theme of HARIBO jelly and mascot bear and share it on Social media!

03. AR Content: Find HARIBO's hidden daily life through AR camera in the exhibition hall!

04. Character: Decorate your own character and enjoy the game with game contents that you enjoy in the highlight space of the exhibition hall!

How to use

1. Please check the email voucher after you purchased the ticket. 

2. Freely visit the venue from the 13th of October 2022 to ~ 15th of August 2023 and show the QR included in the voucher at the ticket office.

3. Redeem the admission ticket and enjoy the experience! 

How to go

- Get off the subway line no.6 Anguk station and walk straight 90m → Across the crosswalk and walk straight 200m toward the right side → The venue is located in the Nine-tree hotel building B1. 


1.  Highly recommend using public transportation because the parking lot is small without applying the parking discount for visitors to the exhibition.

2. Parking information: KRW 3,000 for the first 30 minutes (1,000 won per 10 minutes) / Maximum fare KRW 20,000 (00:00 to 24:00)

Refund Policy

- Unused tickets are 100 % refundable from the 13th of October 2022 to ~ 15th of August 2023. 

- Cancellation after 16th of August 2023 : No Refund

Guide Language

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B1, Insadong Central Museum, 49, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Ngw*iyi from Hong Kong
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[Insadong] HARIBO Goldbaren 100th Anniversary Birthday ticket

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