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[Suwon] Suwon Museum of Art admission ticket - Moments We Encounter

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  • 1. Visit the Suwon Museum of Art and appreciate the exhibition called 'Moments We Encounter'.
  • 2. Introduce 3 parts of exhibition listed ‘Nature’─ ‘Human’─ ‘Beyod’ and artists of 24 teams.
  • 3. Appreciate 'Moments We Encounter's artworks approx 10 piece of fancy works.


The 2022 Collection Exchange Planning Exhibition "Moments We Encounter" presents new moments that we have passed through the collections of a total of 10 national and public art galleries, including the Suwon Museum of Art.

Based on the collection collected by the Suwon Museum of Art since its opening in 2015, will be able to take a look at the surrounding environment, social issues, and deeper inner thoughts under the artist's mind. 

Additionally, through the rental of collections of 9 national and public art museums, you can admiring regions and institutions and explore the artist's art world more broadly.


Exhibition consists of 'Nature - Human - Artist's world ' and introduce thoughts of 24 artists. 

Part 1 contains the view the people felt while looking at the environment and nature. As you walk through nature reproduced by artists, you can discover a new aspect of the landscape that has been taken for granted like breathing.In the second part of Human, you can meet the artist's various perspectives and attitudes toward history, society, and culture through the work of 9 (team) artists.


In part three, Beyond, you can explore the world of work that contains human inner thoughts and thoughts about time and space.

The moment you cherish and face the moments of the rich moment, your daily life becomes art itself. Exhibition hope that various thoughts that come to mind through "Moments We Encounter" will be woven and relied on each other to lead to a better attitude of life.



Operating Period

From 9th (Tuesday) of August 2022 ~ 6th (Monday) of November 2022



Exhibition location

Room 1, 2, 4



Operating Hours

- Summer Season (March ~ October) : 10:00 ~ 19:00

- Winter Season (November ~ Febrauary) : 10:00 ~ 18:00


Every Monday (Following day is off as the Monday is publid holiday)

How to use

1. Please check the email/mobile voucher after you booked. 

2. Show the QR code included in the voucher at the ticket office.

3. Redeem the physical ticket

4. Enter the entrance and enjoy the exhibition! 

Refund Policy

• Unused tickets within the expiry date are 100% refundable

Guide Language

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833, Jeongjo-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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[Suwon] Suwon Museum of Art admission ticket - Moments We Encounter

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